Author Bio



Clay Walker is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, but now resides in Wilmington, Delaware.

With a degree Business Management, Clay Walker has thrived off leading and inspiring people to become better leaders, but he has also found that he could reach a broader audience to inspire through writing.

In 2008 while traveling north on California Highway 101, Clay Walker had an epiphany that would soon lead to his first novel, Blinding Darkness. It would be a novel that required courage and resilience as he would explore topics such as being gay in the military during the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell era. “I know so many gay and lesbian service members who were witch-hunted and discharged; I felt a calling to tell their stories,” Clay explained. This calling led him to channel those unfortunate tales into a fiction novel that would outline the experience through his protagonist, Christion Castillo.

In 2011, Clay Walker self-published his first novel. At the time, Clay did not anticipate a potential career in writing, but after the overwhelming feedback he received from both the LGBT community as well as the heterosexual community, Clay decided to fully embrace the opportunity. In 2012, Clay wrote and self-published Crawling Towards the Light which continued to chronicle Christion’s journey. The final novel in the series Haunted by the Limelight is currently being shopped around to literary agents as Clay Walker has taken steps to become a fulltime author.

Clay Walker’s message is, “I want to shed light on many underexposed subjects in the most realistic yet entertaining method possible. The only way people can begin to accept others is through education; the only problem is the word education repels people. So, if I can subliminally educate people through enticing, heart-wrenching, thrilling fiction, then I will. That’s my life’s mission. And I hope to one day do it successfully.”

His favorite authors include E. Lynn Harris, Eric Jerome Dickey, Omar Tyree, Sister Souljah, James Patterson, Tom Clancy, Zane, James Earl Hardy and the list goes on.