Clay Walker – The Power in Your Lips [Spoken Word Poetry]



Tonight, I came fully prepared
To play follow the leader
To become a receiver of passion
Passion turned pain turned pleasure
Pleasure hot enough to smolder
Extinguishing all doubt and wonder
No distraction will pull us asunder.

Your lips have the power to reach
Deeply into my psyche.
When I am with you, I cannot think.
Words suddenly evade me
Leaving me purely with audible breathing
One syllable moaning.
I am now yearning–your kiss.

But no kiss is a kiss unless impassioned
Led by un-choreographed motions
Organic at its very best.
When you press, I press.
I bite, you bite.
When you go left, I lean right.
My body is now conspicuously enticed.

Take me where you want me to go.
Let’s forget the straight and narrow
No one has to know.
My eyes are closed.
My body is all yours.
Let’s ride this wave until the very end.
Next stop is where my lips will begin.

©2015 Clay Walker. All Rights Reserved.

Clay Walker – Smile on Me [Spoken Word Poetry]


This morning, I awoke to yesterday’s obstacles
My left foot unable to brace itself reached the floor
As the pressures of my life persistently decided
To robe my bare shoulders.

Many of days, I have tried to evade
Titles, expectations, and pedestals
Only to find myself once again
Surmounting yet another elaborate list.

Privately, I rely on my own devices
To minimize the strifes that come
From being the best of the best
Though my best in and of itself is a perilous vice.

I am as much addicted to success
As I am to porcelain veneered smiles
Guised in inimitable happiness
Refracting any signs of recklessness.

The lot of my life I arduously bear
I carry the weight with my head up
But today, my shoulders are down
I can barely stand resolute on my own.

Even I need a cheat day from smiling
A day to feel the blood in my veins
Despite the silent fear I also feel flowing
Hoping today is not the day.

Right now, I need you to smile on me
To pour your undemanding love all over me
Please, right now, breathe life back into me
Before this reckless force overtakes me–indefinitely.

©2015 Clay Walker. All Rights Reserved.

Photograph by Ti Marner


Clay Walker – Do You Think of Me [Poetry]


What does it take?
Does anyone own the remedy?
I need to exhale.
I need to escape.
I’ve tried and I’ve tried.
Yet, I’m still holding my breath.

One look at you
I see us
You on me
Me on you
My voice, your voice
My touch, your touch.
A memory far from faded
Almost tangible
When I close my eyes.
So, they stay open.

I long to have your arms
Back around my neck.
I long to have my hands
Grasping your waist.
Reassuring us.
Securing us.
Alleviating today’s stress
For the both of us.

Sadly, there is no longer an us.
There’s only me
Holding on to memories
Like a baby and his teddy.
Daily, I run from them–my thoughts.
But I can never get ahead.
When will this pain fade?
When will these memories grey?
I’m I the only one grappling?
Tell me:  Do you ever think of me?

©2015 Clay Walker. All Rights Reserved.