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Many people have asked me, “How do you manage a fulltime career while pursuing your dreams?”

Well, this blog will answer that question, and more. It is designed to inspire the “9-to-5 Dreamer.” Do you have any dreams that you’d like to pursue? What are they?

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My Cure for Writer’s Block


Some authors retreat to their writer’s corner in their home or local coffee shop, but as for me, I retreat to the room that surprises most, my guest room. 

The neutral energy resting within the room which traditionally is reserved for visitors accords me the opportunity to transcend into the colorful, dramatic, and, often, overwhelming world of writing.

In this room I feel safe. Safe to be vulnerable.  Safe to dream big.  And, safe to explore … darkness.

In this room my characters are free to roam around uninhibitedly. Have you met Christion, Sebastian, Simone, or Damien?  Each of them are awaiting to make your acquaintance.

My guest room is my cure. What’s yours?
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When it All Started: the Day I KNEW I Wanted to be a Writer


In 2008, I was driving up Highway 101 headed back to my duty station when a voice said to me, “Look left.”

I immediately obeyed, and as I did, I witnessed high waves crashing into the coast line.  As I marveled at the strength of the Pacific Ocean, I then got the revelation that one day I would write a book and that my protagonist would come to this very location to seek refuge.   As soon as I returned my eyes back to the road, I noticed a sign that read “Refugio State Beach.”  It was then I knew my life had been changed.

Do you remember the day your life-changing moment occurred?
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The First Time I Smiled


On July 3, 2010, I smiled with glee for the first time in my adulthood.  I had completed my first manuscript.

It was not perfect, but it was complete.  I had poured out 55,000 words from my heart, and I was ready to share it with the world.

I remember feeling like I could conquer anything at that moment.  I’m smiling NOW just staring at this photo.  :)