Clay Walker – Smile on Me [Spoken Word Poetry]


This morning, I awoke to yesterday’s obstacles
My left foot unable to brace itself reached the floor
As the pressures of my life persistently decided
To robe my bare shoulders.

Many of days, I have tried to evade
Titles, expectations, and pedestals
Only to find myself once again
Surmounting yet another elaborate list.

Privately, I rely on my own devices
To minimize the strifes that come
From being the best of the best
Though my best in and of itself is a perilous vice.

I am as much addicted to success
As I am to porcelain veneered smiles
Guised in inimitable happiness
Refracting any signs of recklessness.

The lot of my life I arduously bear
I carry the weight with my head up
But today, my shoulders are down
I can barely stand resolute on my own.

Even I need a cheat day from smiling
A day to feel the blood in my veins
Despite the silent fear I also feel flowing
Hoping today is not the day.

Right now, I need you to smile on me
To pour your undemanding love all over me
Please, right now, breathe life back into me
Before this reckless force overtakes me–indefinitely.

©2015 Clay Walker. All Rights Reserved.

Photograph by Ti Marner


11 thoughts on “Clay Walker – Smile on Me [Spoken Word Poetry]

  1. Lavantre says:

    Words can’t describe how reading this and listening to the way you read it made me feel. It’s one thing to wake up with the expectation of having a horrific day, but the moment you read a line, a poem or even a horoscope and can change your whole mood is very powerful. I wanna thank you for sharing your gift!

  2. Marsha says:

    Now this is poetry, the way it’s supposed to be read. Me reading this….would not measure up to the way you read it. #keepitup

  3. André says:

    I really was touched in various ways by this exceptional poem. I feel like it really was a way to see how most individuals can be trapped in success and can lose touch on what they really need in life to continue to live it to the fullest. Clay Walker is so thorough in his approach to whatever he puts out, whether it is a book or a solid poem. Job well done!!!

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