Clay Walker – Streetlight Protest [Poetry]


Blue, the color of peace
But not tonight.
Tonight, blue is screaming
Only to fall on deaf ears.
Anger has smothered peace
Mixing blue with red
The color of vengeance–blood.
Confusion has stirred the hatred
Which rests like the Punxsutawney Groundhog.
Tonight, there was a shadow.
So much for spring.
Brave leaders are in hiding
Evading their own motorcade targets
Leaving today’s hopeless
With less hope than yesterday.
When will change ever stand resolute?
Why can’t the sin of hate be washed
With the same cloth that has washed
The heads of those from generations past
And generations to come?
Are not we all crawling toward the same light?
The one that comes when our eyes are closed.
Are not we all questing for love?
The kind that is labeled indiscriminate.
Are not we all filled with the same truth?
The one that offends some
While binding many others.
The one that is deeply rooted
Producing generational fruits.
The one that shared beliefs shun
Yet shared believers inadvertently hone.
The truth, that we’d all rather hate
Because to love is to forgive
And to forgive is to lose your voice.
So hating perpetuates the fight
Keeping our voices heard–loudly!
Until the day the opponent concedes.
Unfortunately, the opponent is self
And no one’s self is willing to lose.
Hence the reason blue lights are screaming
And no one is listening.

©2014 Clay Walker. All Rights Reserved.