Clay Walker – Do You Think of Me [Poetry]


What does it take?
Does anyone own the remedy?
I need to exhale.
I need to escape.
I’ve tried and I’ve tried.
Yet, I’m still holding my breath.

One look at you
I see us
You on me
Me on you
My voice, your voice
My touch, your touch.
A memory far from faded
Almost tangible
When I close my eyes.
So, they stay open.

I long to have your arms
Back around my neck.
I long to have my hands
Grasping your waist.
Reassuring us.
Securing us.
Alleviating today’s stress
For the both of us.

Sadly, there is no longer an us.
There’s only me
Holding on to memories
Like a baby and his teddy.
Daily, I run from them–my thoughts.
But I can never get ahead.
When will this pain fade?
When will these memories grey?
I’m I the only one grappling?
Tell me:  Do you ever think of me?

©2015 Clay Walker. All Rights Reserved.