Clay Walker – Smile on Me [Spoken Word Poetry]


This morning, I awoke to yesterday’s obstacles
My left foot unable to brace itself reached the floor
As the pressures of my life persistently decided
To robe my bare shoulders.

Many of days, I have tried to evade
Titles, expectations, and pedestals
Only to find myself once again
Surmounting yet another elaborate list.

Privately, I rely on my own devices
To minimize the strifes that come
From being the best of the best
Though my best in and of itself is a perilous vice.

I am as much addicted to success
As I am to porcelain veneered smiles
Guised in inimitable happiness
Refracting any signs of recklessness.

The lot of my life I arduously bear
I carry the weight with my head up
But today, my shoulders are down
I can barely stand resolute on my own.

Even I need a cheat day from smiling
A day to feel the blood in my veins
Despite the silent fear I also feel flowing
Hoping today is not the day.

Right now, I need you to smile on me
To pour your undemanding love all over me
Please, right now, breathe life back into me
Before this reckless force overtakes me–indefinitely.

©2015 Clay Walker. All Rights Reserved.

Photograph by Ti Marner